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    So I dont think i will keep a betta, but how would I set up a shrimp bowl? Would i need a heater/filter if the bowl stays around 70 degrees and it's around 1.5-2g? I will have adequate lighting but what should the timing on said light be? I was looking at RCS and what plants are best for them?
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    It's best to have a filter and heater in there. I would get a sponge filter (and I think your mentioned you had a 29g community in your last thread of I'm not mistaken) and run it in your 29g for 3 weeks or so to get it seeded with bacteria to instantly cycle your bowl and then get a heater (I think they make heater pads for "betta bowls") and get a floating thermometer (the one by Grreat Choice at petsmart is cheap and works well!). Then add your plants to whichever substrate you chose, and keep the light on a timer for 8-10 hours a day and I think you're good! Good luck with the shrimp bowl! :)

    Edit: I've read that RCS love Java moss so I'd make sure to have some in there, other than that, I'm not sure.
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    Also, putting a small plant in it would undresses the number of shrimp you could keep

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    While it's better to have a small sponge filter than not its not strictly necessary to have one as long as the bowl has live plants and you keep up on the water changes.

    If the bowl stays somewhere around 70 the heater isn't needed. In fact in a bowl of that size it may do more harm than good.

    Moss is always a good choice as far as plants go but shrimp aren't that picky. They'll happily climb around on anything.