Shrimp attacked guppy... Will it die? Please help!

  1. HelloUnderwaterWorld

    HelloUnderwaterWorld Valued Member Member

    Earlier today my guppy seemed lethargic. I think it must have been sick. I witnessed my ghost shrimp attack it's tail and went to get my water tested, after quarantining the ghost shrimp. When I got home, I found my Red Cherry Shrimp eating my poor Guppy's tail. It couldn't swim away. I moved it to another tank and now I am hoping it won't die. Do you think it will survive? If so, are there any treatments? It's whole tail has been eaten. I don't know how to upload a photo.
  2. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh dear. The only thing I can think of is keep the water as clean as you can with frequent water changes . If it is indeed a ghost shrimp and not a whisker shrimp than the guppy be very ill. A ghost shrimp would not be able to attack a healthy guppy. A whisker shrimp is often mistaken for and sold as a ghost shrimp. There front arms are about twice as long as a ghost shrimp and they are very aggressive and will attack fish. . Good luck and keep us posted. Alison
  3. OP

    HelloUnderwaterWorld Valued Member Member

    I'm sorry to say that Pablo the guppy passed away. We had a funeral. Thanks for your advice.
  4. a

    axel Well Known Member Member

    could u take a picture of your shrimp?