Shrimp are Missing??



Hoping somebody may be able to provide some insight as to what may be going on with my shrimp!

In total… I have 6 cherry shrimp, 6 green jade, 6 blue, 4 orange and 4 black shrimp.

I have had them for quite some time now, they have been growing well, gaining their colour beautifully and hanging out on my Java moss.

The past few days now however… I have not seen a single one. This is extremely unusual for my tank. I cannot find a single shrimp anywhere.

Does anybody know if this is normal? Do they hide under the substrate ? It’s just small rocks not sand or anything. I’m so confused

Please help me!! Thank you so much


Can you please post a picture of the tank?


I thought I had lost all my shrimp only to see some a couple weeks later.
But I'm pretty sure they've all been et now.


Could have molted and are in hiding till their new shells get stronger? Long shot but I guess it could b possible


If you didn't find any bodies they're probably fine.


Hi again!!!

Well, I have been checking obsessively because it does not make sense. ALL OF THEM ARE GONE. I cannot find a single one, I’ve moved plants, checked the filter, checked in the substrate, there are 0 bodies. I am so confused

Has anybody had this problem? I am so sad I had so many of these beautiful little guys in all different colours then randomly they disappeared.

Please help me!! Thank you


Judging the colors I assume you kept neocaridina shrimp. First off, all those colors are nice, but once they would've start breeding, you'll end up with greyish/brownish shrimplets. So I would not mix different color varieties of neocaridina shrimp in the same tank.

Shrimps decompose pretty fast, especially if you have snails in your tank as well.
Alternatively, they jumped/crawled out of your tank if conditions are unfavourable for them and there is no lit. I'm not joking, even neocaridina shrimp can do this.

If you have a well established, a little dirty, tank, heavily planted, a bit on the cool side and well oxygenated, you really can't go wrong with this species. A picture of your setup would help.


Ok ya I’m well aware about the breeding but that’s not what this is about, thanks tho.

Why would they all have died randomly ? They were doing fine the day before I noticed they disappeared. There is absolutely no way they jumped out of my tank, period.

What would cause them ALL to suddenly die ? You would think I would have seen at least one body… no?

This just does not make any sense whatsoever.
My tank has a ton of Java moss and other plants/caves for them to hide in, which they had been all along.

How long do shrimp molt for? I’ve heard different things from different people
It’s well established, well oxygenated and filtered and it is a little on the cooler side. They were doing so well till one day they vanished.


As a matter of fact, as it seems it happens in such a short period of time to all your shrimp, there must be an easy cause. A sudden rise in temperature kills. Copper kills. Could be parasites, but difficult to tell without images of dead shrimp of course. Molting...could be; adult molt every 3-4 weeks; mineral and calcium rich food helps.

Dead shrimp bodies vanish really quickly. In my tanks, if I see a dead shrimp that has just recently passed away (colors havent turned white/orange yet), it is gone within 24 hours.


Thank you!!!

Okay so super weird. I spotted a TINY one today. I am so confused…. I’m guessing they are either hiding or died unfortunately, but who knows!

Thank you so much!


Alrighty…. Well thought I’d give a little update. Unfortunately no shrimp reappeared :( I have no idea what happened. I tested the water in depth and all levels were normal, I’m so confused. It definitely was not the outcome I was hoping for.


What other livestock are in the tank besides the missing shrimp? And what kind of filter do you have and does it have a prefilter sponge (if applicable)?


What other livestock are in the tank besides the missing shrimp? And what kind of filter do you have and does it have a prefilter sponge (if applicable)?

I would open up the filter and look thouroughly, although any evidence is probably gone by now.

Or did you recently add something to the tank, such as driftwood or something else they can hide in?

Or do you have a psychotic girlfriend/boyfriend?

Sorry for your losses. That sucks.


The filter was one of the first things I did unfortunately, and I checked it multiple times :( it’s an aqua clear. It does have the sponge.

Other than the shrimp, in the tank I have 5 tetras, 6 oto catfish and a Cory catfish. They all got along very well and I never saw the fish go near the shrimp, with that being said would the tetras have eaten the bodies…. Or the catfish? Or they just disappear super quick?
I have not added anything new for them to hide in either.

There should not have been a sudden rise in temp, again all levels were normal leading up to the disappearance!

I’m guessing something took them all out quick it just sucks as I have absolutely no idea what happened.

Haha that last line got me!! Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it. It does suck, they were so big and full of colour :(

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