Shrimp And Snail Control

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Aquarium Josh, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Aquarium JoshValued MemberMember

    Is there any peacful fish that will control shrimp and snails?
  2. andychrissytankValued MemberMember

    you mean like cull the population?
    and it depends on the type of snail because some loaches won't give them a second look, an assassin snail could work since they won't get rid of evey single one of them and you'll still have a few to play around with
    any omnivourous fish will try to pick off some shrimp babies if they can find them
  3. Aquarium JoshValued MemberMember

    Yes I haven't stocked any thing yet I'm just trying to get ideas so almost any omnivorous will eat the baby shrimp
  4. andychrissytankValued MemberMember

    yeah but then they become impossible to fast, since if you skip a day of food they'll just go on a hunt
    the shrimps will need moss but if they are also have something sharp to hide in like certain driftwoods, the fish could damage their fins trying to get some food
    and weaker fish might become the shrimps food lol
    if you don't want too many snails, i'd say get some nerite snails, there are all kinds of colors and unique shell designs and they can't reproduce in freshwater so the amount you have is how many you'll ever get
  5. Aquarium JoshValued MemberMember

    Thanks that is very helpful