Shrimp (and Invertebrate) Safe Fish Meds List?

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Anyone know of a comprehensive list of fish medications and their active ingredients that are shrimp-safe? I've got a 'medical kit' full of various things to treat my freshwater fish, should the need arise - and now that I have some shrimp in one of my tanks, it's occurred to me that some of them aren't ok for shrimps. I'd like to be prepared with the knowledge of what is ok and what isn't, Before it's needed!
I emailed API today, since their website doesn't seem to have any info on whether or not the medications are safe for shrimp. They said that the 4 meds I inquired about ARE safe for shrimp & invertebrates: Furan 2, API General Cure, EM Erythromycin and Fungus Cure. Trying to get that info via google got me lots of different answers, so I just went straight to the source.
However, I was also looking at the Seachem website, as their medication products are more readily available in my area, and it looks like ALL their medications say to 'remove all invertebrates as they are extremely sensitive to medication'. That seemed almost like a generic disclaimer... not that I'm going to take any chances, but it wasn't clear that the specific ingredients in those meds were UNsafe for shrimps... hmmm
So... if anyone knows of a list that includes the names of the active ingredients of typical fish meds, and ideally, their Brand names, that would be magical. Thanks!
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I don't know them all, but I know some of the ones I've used.
Erytheomycin is safe for shrimp and snails
Kanaplex is safe for shrimp and snails
Ruby Reef Kick Ich is safe for shrimp and snails and treats several freshwater diseases
Artemis is invert safe
Salt dips can be used on shrimp
Fenbendazole is safe for shrimp but will kill all snails and most worms
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PraziPro is invert-safe.

Metronidazole is safe at normal dosages, but can be dangerous at higher than normal doses.
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Oh yeah, I totally forgot about PraziPro. I've used it with shrimp and snails, both were fine
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hI there what fish do you have in the tank you'v put the shrimp in? as most fish will see them as a nice meal, second I would not put any chemicals in with my shrimp unless it was one for shrimp, shrimp are very fragile when it comes to chemicals and to be honest I don't think there is a comprehensive list of what's safe, if the need did arise that you needed to treat your fish with something that's not shrimp safe then you'd have no choice but to remove the shrimp and rehouse them in a small tank of their own until the danger is over and then your can't guarantee its going to be safe to put them back in.
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They're currently in with zebra Danios, who aren't interested in them at al, thankfully. I will be moving the shrimp into their own tank in a couple of weeks anyway. I do plan on having a colony in my 20 gallon once it's ready, which will have fish in it... so I just want to be well prepared.
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I’ve seen the disclaimers you described on seachems site, and got this info from their support pages:
[paraphrasing] “it would be impossible to test all shrimp species in all tank types, which is what would be required to say something is shrimp safe.” So many of their products are fine for most shrimp in most tanks, but they’ve
covered their @$$es by keeping this broad, generic and scary disclaimer on all labels and instructions.
If you do run into a situation where you need to medicate with a non-shrimp-safe med in a tank that has shrimps you don’t want to lose (or risk losing), I’ve found it’s easier to remove the fish to a hospital tank then try to remove shrimp.
And this whole discussion can be replicated for meds that are filter safe vs not.
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As bitseriously said it easier to move fish than shrimp like I said. Danios will eat any shrimplets if they bread

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