Shrimp And Fish Fry

  1. EmmyFish Member Member

    If I got a small shrimp and put it in with my Guppy fry nursery would it be okay? Just to help clean the left over food. I don't have enough fry to eat all the food and it's hard as heck to put small amounts because the food is so fine it's almost like a powder. Thinking of one ghost shrimp. The nursery is place in the tank with all the other fishies. So if I had to move the shrimp he'd already be in the tank. I with thinking about doing one ghost shrimp just for that since it'll be small.
  2. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Shrimp will be ok with the fry. If you have a filter make sure it has a sponge on the intake tube :) they are normally very calm and theyre not agressive towards fish.
  3. EmmyFish Member Member

    Why have a sponge on intake and what kind of sponge? The filter has a guard if that matters. Lol, it'll be like having a Shrimp Fry Nanny.
  4. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    A sponge will help collect the food for the shrip and that way they dont go into the filter (if you get a female shrimp that has eggs the sponge also prevents the shrimp fry from being killed in the filter)
  5. EmmyFish Member Member

    Is that for the overall tank or the fry? The fry nursery has slots it in and they get the water the other fish get. I keep them away from the filter because the current will be too strong for their little bodies. I guess I could do that when the fry are grown and release the shrimp outta the nursery. However I'm a bit worried about the ghost shrimp living permanently in the big tank. The Guppies and Platy will eat them won't they?
  6. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    A sponge on the intake filter would be good for whichever tank you have the shrimpy in. And he can go into the larger tank as long as you have lots of plants and hides for him to go into. I have 7 in my 50g tank with my 7 female bettas, platy, 2 bala sharks and 2 gouramis and they dont even notice the ghost shrimp :)
  7. EmmyFish Member Member

    Alright, awesome! I keep lots of plants and have a fun large tree stump thing and a log. Most the time I can't even find my neons when I turn on their light cuz their all sleeping in the plants.
  8. Shadow2331 Member Member

    I dont think its a good idea to keep a shrimp with guppy and platy the results might not be good, it is better to keep a shrimp in a community tank made up of shrimps only cause most of the time fish and shrimp does not go along too well, however with many hiding places and plants it might just work out :)
  9. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Guppies and platys are too small to eat a full grown ghost shrimp. Mine can't even take down full grown cherry shrimp. I have tons of ghost shrimp and a few amano shrimp with my platys and guppies and they do great.
  10. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    They should do pretty well then! :)
  11. EmmyFish Member Member

    I've been trying for ages to find a store that sells Cherry Shrimp or Amano and it's dang near impossible! Did you buy them at a store or online? I really wanted some Cherry's.
  12. Shadow2331 Member Member

    That is great, but i had a friend who kept shrimp and guppies together and the result was not good but it all depends fishes tend to have different characters :D , and how do you manage when you have baby shrimps? wont guppies eat the baby shrimps?, they are very tiny
  13. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Stores for the ones with my guppies and platys. I moved the cherry shrimp a while back when I got cherry barbs, but the ghosts and amanos stayed.

    The cherry shrimp I got from my LFS, the ghost shrimp were feeders from another LFS, and the amanos were around 50 cents each at Petco because they were misidentified as ghost shrimp. Lol

    I had all male cherry shrimp in that tank, so no babies. If you're aiming for breeding, a shrimp only tank is the best option.
  14. Shadow2331 Member Member

    ohh ok.
  15. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    I dont see a problem with it, if anything I find your idea very smart. It took me a while (and it was by luck) to figure out how helpful clean up crews could be in fry tanks. The shrimp and fry will be fine altough dont freak out if you see a shrimp eating fry, shrimp dont kill fry but they will eat dead fish.
  16. EmmyFish Member Member

    Have any advice as to how to tell the sex of a shrimp?
  17. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Sorry but I dont keep shrimp so I cant tell :(
  18. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Males are both smaller and less colorful than the Females. Another way to identify a male is by his straight belly males tend to have a straight belly. Females will have more color coverage on their bodies. The most selectively bred ones even reach a fully solid color. Females usually have curved belly. You might even be able to see eggs on pregnant females.
  19. EmmyFish Member Member

    I added two Ghost Shrimp in as a test to see how they will fair with the tank. The Platy's are not having it. The Platys haven't bit or nipped anything until now. They do not like the shrimp and try to nip their antenna thingys. The Shrimp are speedy little buggers and found hiding no problem. Now the issue is, how effective they will be cleaning algae and stuff when they have to hide from the Platy. :confused:
    I should just get a snail and call it good.