Shout out to Dolfan!

Claire Bear
I ordered plants this past week. They came from a member, Dolfan.
I just want to say that they arrived in excellent condition and I popped them into several tanks.
I felt secure in knowing they were from a reliable source. This is always a consideration when adding to an existing aquarium.
If you are in need of plants, he appears to have some to choose from and mine were in excellent shape!
Indeed, the plants I got from Dolfan were excellent, I may even order from him some more in the future.

I got the Subwassertang and Java Moss, both are doing very well right now.
Thanks for the shout out, glad you both are happy and the plants are doing well.
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Thread moved to the private seller reviews section of the forum.

Thanks for your feedback Claire.
It helps other members who may be wondering.

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