Should rosy barb be kept in school


I have 2 rosy barbs ( a female bigg one ) a male (small but flashy one )
6 tiger barbs
2 opaline gourami
2 pearl gourami

I was wondering if I should keep those rosy in a school of keep them like a couple ( they don't hang together ) sometimes the males hangs with the TB.
What to do?


From what I've read all barbs like to be kept in groups. I've never kept them myself... but I would think that they would do better in a group.



Brought 4 other rosy today 1 male and 3 female xP
Before adding these fish my male and female rosy were ''shy''
after adding the male rosy acting ''****'' he chase every female without bitting and became red/pink FLASH and the other male is only swimming everywhere.

Is it normal that the rosy are so ''****'' I have a 150G tank.
with 6 tiger barbs
6 rosy barbs
2 opaline gourami
2 pearl gourami
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They are a schooling fish. When a schooling fish is in too small of a school they become shy, hide, or can become aggressive. They are probably just happy and feel more secure that there in a school now. 6 is a great number.


Thanks but about the ''flirting'' should I let the male have his fun or I should take him out because hes disturbing the females 1 at the time


I would say if there is no nipping or damage being done leave him in there. Just make sure your females aren't getting too stressed from the whole ordeal.


I have 5 Rosy's. The behave something like my teenage son and his mates, all posture, wrestling and machismo ! The acrobatics of these fish are lovely to watch and the shine from the scales is brilliant.

Sadly my LFS doesn't sell females so I have an all boy group.. pretty though

Hope you enjoy them


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