Should it be gone by now?

  1. misfihts Initiate Member

    Long story short, my fiances parents bought my daughter goldfish for our 10 gallon (i know way too small for a goldfish, let alone 2 but they had no idea), well needless to say they came with ick, I didn't realize it until it was too late. Sadly shrek and Minnie passed away , it's been a little over two months, I've scrubbed the tank and I've cleaned it really good. I'm thinking of getting my daughter a betta since I've seen some really precious ones and always loved them, so my question is, should the ick be gone now from the tank completely? I've bought new gravel, new bubbler hose and scrubbed the filter. I'd hate to get another sick fish so I want to make sure I have everything I need, I know bettas are different from goldfish so I want to be sure I don't wind up killing it with something it shouldn't use, it's been a really really long time since I've owned a betta

  2. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    It should be fine. Ich will only live for something like 7 days. And without a host, it will not survive.

    Have you cycled the tank? A betta would be perfect. A heated tank and filter with some food is all they really need.

  3. misfihts Initiate Member

    I cycled the tank a while ago, but kind of got a little busy and pretty much all the water evaporated ? So tomorrow I was going to set it up and let it run for a bit . How long should it cycle ? & what should I get to put in before I put the betta in ?
  4. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Let me just add, that you do have the bottle of Tetra Safe Start (TSS) on hand, right?

    So once you get your betta, you just add that :)

  5. misfihts Initiate Member

    I have to buy that, I had the clear water or whatever I think. I'd have to see what I have left.
  6. misfihts Initiate Member

    Okay so I should add then, I have the tetra aqua safe.
  7. April R Well Known Member Member

    aqua safe is a water conditioner, it will get rid of the chlorine and chloramine in the water. Tetra Safe Start is a bottled beneficial bacteria that will help with ammonia and nitrite build up in the tank and keep your fish from being stressed while your tank is growing it's beneficial bacteria load. TSS will help tremendously when starting a new tank. You can get a very small bottle for less than $5 at petco or petsmart, which will be more than enough for your 10 gallon. Just dump the whole bottle in, then about 2 hours later put the betta in after acclimating him and don't change the water for 2 weeks. Here is the thread about it for more info.
    click on the "nitrogen cycle" link by clicking on the words to learn more about different ways to cycle a tank and why it is important before adding fish.

  8. misfihts Initiate Member

    Thank you ! I'll have to check it out, i know my best friend always tells me I need it, I thought I grabbed it but I stupidly grabbed another bottle of the aqua safe so I had two .
  9. April R Well Known Member Member

    and FYI, pics are required payment for my advice if you get a betta, because I am obsessed and love seeing other people's betta babies ;) So when you did get him I'll be looking for your thread to introduce him!!!!
  10. misfihts Initiate Member

    Absolutely ! I've had my eye out for a black one, I found one but he didn't look too healthy at the pet store :C

  11. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    I cannot take a pic to save my life, but was wondering if a realistic stick drawing of a fish or something that sort of looks like a fish would be allowed into this competition:)?------rick

    Please forgive my post and its lack of any resemblance to a response to the OP's question, it is simply that 2 days ago I was up north, attending to the under cottage needs of my cottage, when I stumbled upon a group of singularly humourless wasps, causing me to quickly bolt for the lake whilst discarding clothing, which in turn caused the majority of them to fall to the ground in apparent laughter.
    While nice to know that wasps or hornets can laugh which watching me turn into John Merrick, It does make it rather difficult to type, or preform various other essentials.
    Ok, I can't handle pain, and have therefore have the credentials to call myself a man:)
    Plus, having been away from the internet awhile, I did miss you people.