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HI I bought some new fish to go in my 135 with my maroon clown from saltwater fish A dog face puffer Picasso trigger firefish goby and 6 green chromis.

The Picasso came in looking dead but per there instructions I acclimated him and he was alive though floating very close to the top on his side but he made it through the night, and when I fed them this morning he turned upright and chased my puffer away.

The dogface came in skiddish but appears to be doing fine now eating and swimming as you expect.

The chromis came in looking great though this morning 2 were alive but floating right next to where my clown is one on each side and it actually looked like they were scared and the clown was keeping them there. The other 4 seemed fine.

The goby was obviously dead with his fins literally falling off so I flushed it. I didn’t bother filing a claI'm through the company since it was free they wouldn’t do anything anyway.

What do you guys think? Does my trigger stand a chance? And will the clown start picking off my chromis?


The Trigger and Puffer will likely outgrow the tank at some point. The Chromis will likely pick each other off over time regardless of what the clownfish does (they tend to do that in captivity). The Maroon may harass the Picasso. Did the Firefish have any visible signs of disease (ie spots, rubbing against the rocks, etc.)? That is what I would be most concerned about at this point. It's possible the firefish either died from stress or was killed by the more assertive fish in the tank (it's loaded with bigger and more aggressive fish).
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The trigger and puffer is maybe 2in and said to be slow growers so I believe I have a bit before I have a issue. The chromis are beautiful but they are mainly to fill out the tank till the other 3 start putting on size. All seem to be doing great even eating now even the trigger who was exploring when I got home from work today. The firefish was doa Infact it wouldn’t suprise me if it they shipped it dead the fins were dissentegrating in the bag and looked to be dead for some time. I’m fairly certain the trigger can hold there own against the trigger and puffer.

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