Should I Worry?

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    I recently had a fish die and I did remove her asap from the tank however I am unsure of what it was that killed her and am worried for my tank. The deceased fish was stuck to the filter when I found her, while she was still alive, and she looked skinny. I haven't noticed her getting so skinny till it was a bit too late. When I had her in a floating hospital tank, she wouldn't partake of any food and I noticed she was a bit bloated yet still so skinny. The next morning I found her freshly deceased and curved inwards towards herself.

    Should I be worried of it spreading?
    What killed her?
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    What kind of fish is it?

    There could be a a ton of reasons why a fish dies. Was it eating the food and spitting it out? Was it lethargic and sat in the corner of the tank, was it just floating around in the tank with no control and letting the current take itself where ever it did?
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    She was a silver molly, around 2 years old. She wouldn't even look at the food I tried to offer her and yes, she was lethargic. She swam in an off way and quickly sunk to the bottom.

    Pictures of her the day before she died. 20180409_195341.jpg

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