Should i stock anything else? 10 Gallon Tank

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    Ben3721 Well Known Member Member

    I have a clown pleco and a singapore flower filter feeding shrimp. But my tank isn't very active since both of them hide and only come out at night.
    So my question is what is something i can put in there without blowing the bio-load up? I had a dwarf gourami once but it dead for no reason and ive heard they have issues due to over breeding. Tank has been up for about a year and has been very stable for the last couple months. One day i plan to get a 15 gallon tank. I know most here will say that my tank already is overstocked, but so far my ammonia and nitrites are zero and nitrates are less then 5. (i use a nitrate reducer but try to keep some nitrates in the water for the live plants)
    You have to think i only feed my tank a tiny corner of a algae wafer or a pellet once a week. And the clown plecos waste and mostly wood. Im thinking maybe a few tiny fish or one that wont mind being alone. It must be non aggressive. If i add them and find my tank cant handle anymore bio load i will take them back. All comments are welcomed.

    Tank specs:
    - 10 gallon tank with a 150 gph Top fin filter with extra bio media.
    - two airstones
    - full lid
    - 7.0 ph (very stable using buffers)
    - Semi-soft water
    - 77 F degrees
    - LED lighting
    - Gravel
    - Live plants and driftwood
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    If it was my tank I wouldn't add any more fish until you get your 15 gallon & even then it'll have to be stocked carefully, but if you do then go for something really small like chili rasboras
    Glad you have some wood for the plec but a tiny corner of an algae wafer once a week isn't enough food for it, give it some veg such as zucchini, green pepper, cucumber etc as well.
    Put the veg in in the evening & remove any that's uneaten in the morning
  3. OP

    Ben3721 Well Known Member Member

    Okay thanks!

    Any other super small fish i can consider?
    Also half the tank is slow moving water and half is mid current.
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    GuyCO Valued Member Member

    Try 3 guppies 1 male 2 female. That might work. Theyre small and Active.

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  5. OP

    Ben3721 Well Known Member Member

    I will test my water for any ammonia to make sure its as low as possible then I plan to go to the fish store and ask them what's the smallest fish they have. Then just sit there on my phone researching possible fish. I have considered have ghost shrimp but my shy clown pleco might get stressed out with them crawling on him.
  6. OP

    Ben3721 Well Known Member Member

    I have decided on not having ghost shrimp. Something about having 100 tiny shrimp in my tank and whenever i move a rock or vacuum gravel i end up killing a few bothers me. And the fact i have nowhere to move them when they overpopulate. Any other super tiny shoals of fish i can look into?

    Or a single fish that wont mind being alone and wont kill everyone else?