should i seperate the babies?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by monkeypie102, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I have a 5g tank sitting below my 29g empty and I am now toying with the idea of seperating my baby assassins from my main tank... I do plan to sell the babies as they grow but i am not sure if I should or if it would be safe to do so... my only issue is that I don't have any snails readily available to go in to there unless I take a trip to Walmart and get a bunch of giant pondsnails from them (they get 3x larger than a bladder snail) but then i am arguing with the employees that they are not the mystery snails they also have there... anyways my issues are

    Substrate (I know I need some but i am also wanting to do a barebottom to make it easier to clean...)
    And would a filter be needed?
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    Hi am am Aussie living in Greece and i also had a new baby boom of blue gurami on th 20/10/12
    I separated the from the mum on the first day,the dad on the third. At the start i had about 200 no kidding now i have about 100 different sizes from 1 inch to 1 cm. I had the at the start in my 60 lt tank and now i put them in two 15 lt . Now my tank`s have a substrate of fresh water sand and some fern plant vegetation no filtration required only air to oxygenaise and the are ok. I started feeding them egg yolk boiled and diluted in a jar so i could use a syringe to feed them, and now i just give them crushed
    flakes with some chips 50-50 mix . crush them well so the fry don`t choke and die. That`s how i lost the
    other`s, now for heating there are two options one heating tube or a normal lamp close to the water
    that's what i got on a 12 hour cycle , it works and the fish get better and healthy`er. merry christmas
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    Oh that sounds so cool and i will have to do that when I breed my betta imbellis (when i get them xD) however snails won't touch that stuff so long as there is live food about... thanks for that advice though! And Congrats on the gourmi fry!
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    HEY monkeypie check out my pic of the gurrami .