should I separate this pregnant guppy? Question

Discussion in 'Rainbowfish' started by free.will77, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. free.will77Valued MemberMember

    Hi all

    I just bought a pregnant guppy,but there's a problem my 2 male guppies keep chasing her and don't leave her alone in peace for even some seconds. I have a small tank that I just set it up, should I separate this poor guppy? and put it in the small tank? or separate the 2 male guppies? I think the small tank hasn't completed the nitrogen cycle yet. what should I do?

  2. SuaveValued MemberMember

    try put some media from the established tank in the newer tank. to help get it cycled faster.

    I'd wait for some advice from some other more experienced members before taking further action with the fish.
  3. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    I would take her back to the store. Male guppies like to breed. The best ratio is 3 females for every male. Two males and one female is going to be bad for the female. They are likely to harass her until she dies.

    I don't think you have space to get 5 more females.
  4. free.will77Valued MemberMember

    thanks but they don't take her back. by the way she's so beautiful. maybe I should give up the males. I don't know how could I boost the nitrogen cycle in the small tank. could I put the water of the main tank in the small tank ?
  5. Beth1965Well Known MemberMember

    You could take some of the gravel from the main tank or some decoration (s) to the smaller tank to speed up the cycle in the smaller tank
  6. free.will77Valued MemberMember

    I think it's risky to add the pregnant guppy to the small tank, what do you think if I add the males in it?
  7. free.will77Valued MemberMember

    you know what I just did? I set up 2 new small tank, one has the water of the main tank and I keep the males in it, and the other one for guppy fries, I think till they get born, the nitrogen cycle in the tank would have been completed.

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