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Should I Return This Shrimp?

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by Christinadina, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    pretty sure i already know the answer to this question, but i'm inexperienced with shrimp and want to be sure i'm not misinterpreting this behavior....

    i picked up two RCS from my LFS, drove home, and then was checking them out in their bag. one was swimming around, one was just lying on its back. i was like, whaaa?! when suddenly the dead-looking one sprang up, swam around, and then floated down looking dead again, just lying on its side.

    i transferred them to a tall glass...it was swimming around, came up to the surface, swam, bumped into a bubble *boof* and went face-first plummeting to the bottom. (sinking, not swimming.)

    i left that one in a small-ish jar over night. it's still acting pretty much the same. i dropped in some baby shrimp food and it didn't do anything. every once in a while i can see it moving its legs, but really no walking around.

    so, is he about ready to meet his maker? or do shrimp act wonky like this when they're perfectly fine?

  2. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Yeah, that's not normal shrimp behaviour... None of my shrimp act "wonky" they just act pretty much as you'd expect. They get a little excited during water changes but that's it.

  3. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    thanks, i feel bad for him. :( *paging dr. kavorkian!*

  4. fjh Well Known Member Member

    I've never experienced this with shrimp, but I've seen threads about shrimp acting dead or freezing suddenly, etc when they are stressed in a new environment. You might want to check that out
  5. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    @fjh I am so glad you posted this. I called the fish place to find out what their policy was on returns for dead fish. the guy copped an attitude right away, saying, "well, you're going to have to bring in a water sample!" I told him the shrimp was in the same water I brought him home in. so then he decided the problem was because I still had him in the bag. I told him it wasn't in the bag, i put it in a jar after I noticed it wasn't moving. then in a loud, crabby tone he says: "we were just talking about this last night! we're going to have to change our policy on shrimp returns because we don't know what you've done after you left the store. you're the last one!" then he goes on about how shrimp get freaked out and they need to be in a filtered tank, etc., etc., then finally tells me to bring it in.

    I figured since he pitched such a big hissy fit about it I'd just dump the shrimp in my tank and if I lost him (literally and/or figuratively) I'd just eat the 6 bucks (figuratively ;) ) .

    anyway, poor shrimpy just floated down and landed vertical on a leaf. 3 minutes later it was moving around, and then shortly after that it was walking around the substrate! *it's a Christmas miracle!!* (maybe)

    crossing my fingers that it was just playing dead and is feeling more comfy with some tank buddies!
  6. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Oh my god! I HATE employees like that!! I'm actually surprised the person you talked to knew you had to cycle a tank XD hopefully you don't have to bring him back and deal with those people...

    I really hope he/she pulls through! Have lots of hiding places so that your shrimp doesn't feel threatened, and he should be more active and not play dead anymore (hopefully).
  7. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    i know, I hate that too! how hard is it to say something like what you initially posted, or to ask some helpful questions?! it stinks too, because that's the closest place I found that carries shrimp and the endlers I'm wanting to add. (plus I just joined their stoopid fish club!)

    oh well, it's just one guy...most everyone else there seems pretty nice. thanks again for the info and encouragement! (p.s. there are a ton of hiding places :) )
  8. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Well that's a bright side to big chain stores, the employees that emotionlessly follow the policy as part of their job as opposed to an LFS store owner feeling he's taking a hit for someone else's mistakes and hence giving you an attitude and changing the return policy.

    I saw my local store used to have shrimp at $6 and then the price went to $10. I'll just stick to the chain that sells em for $4, or get em online for varieties that aren't available here. I asked this place how much they'll take my shrimp for ... $1 each, store credit only.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
  9. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    ten bucks?! holy moley! yeah, when you realize how easy they are to breed and then you see their prices, it makes it extra irritating to have them giving you lip about wanting to return one stinkin shrimp. AND extra insulting to have them offer $1 in store credit for yours. going by that math, they only spend 10-20¢ for every dollar they charge a customer.

    if I owned a fish store, I'd have a room full of breeding tanks. free stock!
  10. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Well I'm not insulted by it, as I don't deal with customers that return my shrimp ;)
    I don't know what the real breakage rate is, but I've seen dead shrimp in the tank they're displaying as well so the store is also getting some losses like the customer is. So $1 each may end up being $2 is survive-to-be-sold, and then you have some unknown customer return rate. And I'm sure shrimp have a significantly higher loss rate than fish do. So $1 in credit really isn't so bad as they gotta keep the lights on too.

    The only thing insulting is that they'd give me store credit, but I still use that credit at full retail price items rather than the store's cost. Like if I want their fish and sell them shrimp at cost, they should sell me fish at cost.

    There are shrimp they keep well tho... the amanos there do much better than the chain stores, cuz they let the shrimp out in the tank whereas the chain store keeps em in a breeder box floating in a fish filled tank.

    I wonder if they'll let me put one of my shrimp boxes there and let me maintain/feed them once a week or however often I come in and just keep crediting me for the shrimp they sell. I'd rather not just drop off a bag of shrimp into their death box.

    Just needs air and USB power.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
  11. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    YES! that's what I was trying to get at - you said it much better.

    that would be cool. kind of like at an antique mall where you have your "space" set up and the owner gets a small cut of what you sell. hmm...that would be an interesting business to set up, right?!
  12. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Yeah. I'd just feel better about it if I didn't see dead shrimp in their tank. Out of over a hundred that the adults have produced for me in these gallon tanks I've only ever seen 2 dead fry, and I inspect the change water, and actually this is the 2nd tank, I tore down the original cuz it was too difficult to catch anything in.

    Old version on left. New on right, back during set up and break in.
  13. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    ohh, that went over my head that those were your shrimp you were seeing dead in their tanks. I just found an add on craigslist, a college kid in the town next to me is selling cherry and snowball shrimp for $3 each, or 10 for $25. maybe that's something that would work out better for you.
  14. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Oh no, it wasn't my shrimp dead in their tank. Just every time I came in I saw some dead shrimp in there, and feeling I didn't want to sell them shrimp just to have them die.

    I have considered putting up a listing on craigslist, but someone else was already doing that. It seems they're not listing now tho, but I imagine this area of the country is kinda not a great scene for the aquarium hobby.
  15. Christinadina Valued Member Member

    well, you've got a fish store and someone's buying the shrimp you bring them ;)