Should I Keep Snails Or Not !!

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Annuraj, May 27, 2018.

  1. AnnurajNew MemberMember

    Hi to all,

    i am new to this forum and need you kind suggestion on Snails.

    should i keep in my aquarium ?
    i had read lots of article on this topic and most of it are claiming not to keep .. reason it breed like anything ....sooner or later it will destory your aquarium.

    thanks in advance...
  2. RedLoredAmazon

    RedLoredAmazonWell Known MemberMember

    Hi! Welcome to Fishlore!

    I really didn't want snails in my tanks either since I was worried they would take over my tanks. I ended up buying nerite snails to help with cleaning algae off of spots I have difficulty reaching. They do lay eggs, they look like sesame seeds, but the eggs never hatch in freshwater.
  3. KinsKicks

    KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember


    This totally depends on the type of snail you want. Just a short list of the most common types:

    Bladder: breed quickly and are asexual; just one can turn into hundreds. Can be somewhat managed by how much you feed, but less so than ramshorn

    Ramshorn: hermaphrodites, so they need two to tango, but they aren’t male or female particularly (they have both cells, but can’t self procreate like bladders). They breed relatively slower than bladders and can be somewhat managed by the amount you feed

    Malaysian trumpets (MTS): diclinous; you need M and F. Good for stirring up the substrate a bit, but they can breed quite quickly too if there are enough adults and the conditions are good.

    Mystery: breeding requires a M and F snail. And if they do lay eggs, they lay them above the water line in a clutch, so you’re free to just pluck and toss. However, this also means they’re escape artists and may attempt to leave the tank looking for a laying spot.

    Nerites: don’t have successful broods freshwater; they’ll lay eggs, but nothing comes from them; over time, they’ll simply dissolve from the lack of water hardness.

    All in all, I really like snails as part of a CUC, you just need to pick the one that best fits you
  4. Mick Frost

    Mick FrostValued MemberMember

    Snails are useful.
    Bladder Snails make a great self sustaining food source for fish like Pea Puffers (avoid them like the plague).
    MTS are good cleaners, and have the added effect of keeping your sand substrate from building up H2S once you have enough (avoid unless this seems beneficial).
    Mystery Snails are good cleaners, but may eat live plants. Pretty sure they require a pair to breed.
    Nerite Snails are awesome cleaners, and will not breed in freshwater. They also look cool.
  5. OP

    AnnurajNew MemberMember

    thanks for the information. actually i am keeping shrimps and tetra in my aquarium so was thinking to keep snails as well...

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