Should I Keep Carbon Filtration?

  1. Anonymous1212

    Anonymous1212 Member Member

    I have a 5.5 gallon Fluval Spec V aquarium for my future betta. It came with a filtration system that consisted of a foam block, with carbon filtration and biological filtration. I was thinking about buying another set of biological filtration at PetCo or something like that.

    Should I need to use the carbon filtration in the tank? I don't really know what it's for and I've seen people who didn't use them.

    Thanks and PLEASE add any additional tips or advice.
  2. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Carbon is optional in my option. I personally don't use it, I have filter floss instead, but some people do. It is *very* good at removing meds so if your treating a tank remove it, or add carbon to get the last remnants of the meds out. It can also apparently help with smell but that's more of a lack of proper maintenance then anything.
  3. twilysparklez

    twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    Carbon also removes tannins. While tannins are completely safe for fish, it does stain the water.

    However, I agree with Nighthawk, carbon is completely optional.