Should I get a male or female betta?


Since I didn't get to bring home the little betta from the childcare center I was hoping to rescue, I am doing a little more research. Since I only plan to get one betta plus otos (otos first) for my new 10 gal tank, I was wondering which gender of betta to select. What are the differences that you seasoned betta mommies & daddies have noticed (I know what is generally listed in articles)? Any advice?



I can't really advise you on which gender to get. I have both genders and they are each special. Whether male or female, they all have their own unique personality. Happy choosing!



I agree that there isn't a good way to recommend one over the other. I have seen some people cite that females are more active, but I don't think those people have met my boys!!! Boys will have longer fins, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are prettier. I haven't had many boys prettier than Deisy was. Each individual has a personality and I'm guessing that when you go to buy your betta, if you look at them all, one or two will really jump out at you as "I'm pretty and I want to come home with you - I promise to be the best ever" (Or if you're like me, it will look at you and go, "quit staring at me, I didn't ask for this" and you will say, "No, you didn't, you're coming home with me because I know how to make you happy.") I would say, don't limit yourself before you visit the store. Just go to the store thinking "I will buy the best betta I come across.

And if you happen to come across two or even three... you can make dividers really easily and divide up that 10 gallon for multI betta housing (this has happened to me before).


I do not think there is a huge difference between male and female Bettas...the differences are more on the individual level.  I agree with EmilaI that the males are just as active as the females--and the females are just as pretty as the males.  Just go to the store and see what Betta catches your eye.


I've only owned males until now, and it's very true that they all have their own unique personalities. When I bought Atlantis I fell in love with the way he was strutting around the tank at Wal Mart like he owned the whole store. Yesterday I saw an adorable little female betta that was at the pet store, I went back today with my fiance and luckily enough she was still there. She melted her heart just like she did mine yesterday, she was in a tank with probably 25 other females and she just stood out, even though she's a tiny little thing.

Like everyone else has said, go to the store and find one that just melts your heart, regardless of sex... and if you find several that do, save yourself the trouble of choosing and get them all

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