Should I Get A Heater?

  1. joey ray

    joey ray New Member Member

    So I live in Hawaii the temperature here is usually between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I've recently gotten myself a betta and while I've had 3 in the past i'm still a complete newbie on how to take care of them. I've recently gotten a filter and was thinking of getting a heater. I asked my mom if i could mail it to her workplace seeing that i wouldn't be home for a couple days to bring the package inside and i don't trust people not to just let it sit there without opening it up. She told me there was no need for a heater since the temperatures around here are normally as i said 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. My mom does know a little bit more about fish them me, but she is still not that experienced so i wanted to ask your guys opinion if i should get a heater.
  2. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Definitely. It isn’t only to warm the water, it’s to keep the water at a stable temperature.
  3. snowballPLECO

    snowballPLECO Valued Member Member

    Even here in Arizona I have heaters for my tanks, despite it being 105-120 for 5-6 months I blast the AC so heater is essential
  4. sinned4g63

    sinned4g63 Valued Member Member

    Fish are cold blooded, you always want something to keep the temp stable. Your betta will appreciate it.
  5. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    You don't want the tank temp to fluctuate more than a few degrees. I always kept a heater on my tanks in the summer only so they never dipped too low at night or during a cool spell. If your home's temperature is changing with outside temps then it is good to have a heater! If your home is a steady temp in that range (I have a single room in my house that is maintained constantly at 78 for my pets) then no heater is really needed unless there is an emergency of some sort and it gets too cold.
  6. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    They need 78-82 degree consistent temperatures so I would agree in that you need a heater :)
  7. 75g Discus Tank

    75g Discus Tank Fishlore VIP Member

    Air temp doesn’t really do much to aquarium temp.

    It takes more heat to heat up water than air.

    During the summer, the temp goes up to the hundreds. My koi pond usually sits at 70-75 degrees during that time.

    Smaller bodies of water will be affected more, but I would get a heater.
  8. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    Tanks that are surrounded by air and raised surfaces will change temperature to match the ambient air fairly quickly, unless there is a lot of evaporarion which may keep the water a few degreea cooler. Bodies of water in the ground are slower to change due to their depth and the ground itself, it's the same reason why ponds below 3-4 feet won't freeze solid in winter in northern climates.
  9. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    I dont use a heater in summer i need to try and lower the temp but for a betta in a little tank you will need one.