Should I cycle tank new tank even if I have biological media?

So I just set up a new 36 gallon tank and I was wondering, since I’m upgrading tanks I already have a lot of cycled biological filter media so does that mean I can skip the cycling process or would this just make it shorter? Or maybe I’m wrong and I still need to cycle the tank. Please let me know. Thanks
Move your existing filter across from your old tank to your new one. Doing that will transfer the bulk of your nitrifying bacteria to your new tank. You can also move over decor, substrate, etc too. That should in theory cycle your new tank but keep a close eye on your parameters just to make sure.
I did exactly what you've done with a shrimp tank then waited 2 weeks before putting shrimp in and that worked fine
Cyclying is the process of developing nitrifying bacteria. If your current tank that is cycled=== "it has developed the bacteria it takes to turn ammonia and nitrite into nitrate"=== Then moving the filter to a new tank should be a simple swap. You could say that the tank is instantly cycled, but really its simply that the filter is still cycled. you can do a water test to check before adding the fish. But dont wait too long to add the fish. The fish and fish waste are why the bacteria showed up in the first place, and they need the food/fertilizer of the fish waste.

If you were to wash the filter, change the filter cartridge, add water without dechlorinator.... you can kill off some of the bacteria, so its best to test.

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