Should I Buy This Tank?

  1. Waqas

    Waqas New Member Member

    Hello, I recently joined Fishlore and am still learning about stocking levels and all the other bits and pieces. Currently have an established 20 G aquarium which I will be properly stocking soon.

    I was planning on buying a bigger aquarium at some point down the road but recently saw this listed online, Brand new aquarium (for $100) Dimensions are: 3.5 feet length, 15 inches height and 1 foot breadth:


    I think this is about 33 gallons. Should I go for it? Considering its a decent deal or wait and buy a 55g instead? Need advice (so tempted :rolleyes:)
  2. JeffK

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    That sounds like a nice tank! I don't like the standard 55 gal tanks as they're very high but not very wide, making them long, deep and narrow. The only problem with this tank you're considering is that since it's sort of "odd" dimensions, you may have trouble finding a stand that fits it well. (Maybe look into stands first before you make a final decision on it). I have a 33 gal long tank with dimensions 48" long x 12" wide x 13" high that I paid $100 for new from my LFS. This tank has the same footprint as a 55 gal so it was easy to just get a 55 gal stand as they are very common.
  3. OP

    Waqas New Member Member

    @JeffK thanks! You are right, I need t o figure out the stand part first.