Should I Be Worried?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by siameseAmethyst, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. siameseAmethyst

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    I've noticed this little bump getting bigger on the bottom of my Bettas top fin kinda joining to his back and its a bit bigger on one side than on the other, just wondering if I should be worried or not? I think his got a mild case of fin rot too -_- I'm treating that with at least 25% water changes every day, his been on and off with it for over a month now though, just when i think his better he gets it again and starts getting little hols in his top fin :/
    His levels seem fine, the amonia was a little high about 2 weeks ago though, I got that down with water changes and some seachem aquaguard.
    Amonia now -0
    Nitrite- 0
    Nitrate- 5-10
    Ph- 7.2--7.8 20180416_190115.jpg20180416_190025.jpg20180416_190122.jpg
  2. Fanatic

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    Unless it affects his everyday life, such as swimming, eating, or anything in general, then I wouldn’t be worried.
  3. Iverg1

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    Looks like he bumped or bruised himself how old is he. I know bettas spines curve a bit when older. That looks like a broken back to me
  4. Fanatic

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    There's nothing wrong with his back, it's the small bump at the start of the dorsal fin.
  5. A. Rozhin

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    I'd be more worried about what looks like popeye in his left eye.