Help Should I Be Worried About My Angelfish? Sick/injured?


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Hey everyone. Quick question for you. I’m a little concerned with my five-year-old angel and I’m not sure if she’s sick or not. She’s been acting entirely normal, swimming fine, and eating healthy, but I noticed her side fins look a little off, and the base is a little red.

I’m not sure if it’s always been this way, or if I just happened to notice today. I’ve found multiple variations of what could be wrong online ranging from death imminent, to that’s entirely normal. Figured I’d come to you.

Tank parameters are fine. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 20-40 nitrate. Nitrate is usually 20, then will get up to 40 before I do a water change in the tank. She’s not being bullied by any other fish. She kinda runs shop.

I used to have fake plants in the tank. Now they’re all real.

Pictures attached. Thanks for help!!



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She looks just like my gold pearlscale girl!
I've had her for at least 7 years now. She has spawned so many times I'm flabbergasted. She was my only angel to raise her babies and spawn again in the same tank. And continues to spawn!

Anyways, the pectoral fins look nipped. No infection or rot though. Redness at the pivot point means she was swimming a lot or really pumping her fins.

Keep an eye on the other fish, see if someone is pestering her, but it should clear up and hopefully a one time thing. The fins should reaseal and redness will go down once she is calmer.

Keep water parameters pristine and remember water changes are your best friend. If you have any capatta leaves, you could plop one in the filter. They are said to help prevent infection and fungus, but regardless my angelfish always really appreciate the compounds they release.

Just a suggestion. My tank was also at 40ppm nitrAte. I got the nitrates down to 5ppm with lots of water changes and went from there. Now it is 20ppm before I do a 50% change and bring it down to 10ppm. I like between 10 and 20ppm a lot better than between 20 and 40ppm

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