Should I be okay keeping two female angelfish in a 30 gallon planted tank


That sounds ok, preferably taller rather than longer, and lots of plants, hiding spots are always good in community tanks


That's probably pretty close to the max for that size tank. Are they adult angels? If they are juveniles, you'll be fine for while. If they are adults, you'll want to keep an eye on your water parameters for a while after you add them.


Being cichlids it really depends on their personality. Some female pairs will be fine in a 30g, others will not. you can always try it and if it doesn't work then activate your backup plan. If they have been together for a while it will probably work, otherwise it is really difficult to get 2 positively identified small angelfish to have them grow up together. They are tough to sex and it's nearly impossible until they are ready to breed.
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