Should I Be Concerned?


HI guys!

I’ve recently planted some stems of Ludwigia Glandulosa in my 5 gallon planted tank. At the moment it is planted in some Fluval stratum, and I’ve been dosing it with a bit of thrive every week. It’s been in the tank for about three weeks.

I’ve noticed recently what I can only describe as a “hairy” appearance on the plant itself. It seems to be growing long threads out of the side of the stem. There also appears to be parts of the plant where it almost looks like roots are growing out of the stem.

I’ve been looking into what this could be online but I can’t find anything that’s similar to what I can see. I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of thing and what I should do about it? Ive been trying to upload some photos to show everyone but for some reason it keeps saying they’re too big for the server to upload, despite me uploading these kinds of photos before. I’ll try again soon. Thanks in advance!


Many aquatic plants will do this. It might be because the roots got damaged when planting or it just really wants to grow. Mine did the same thing and they grow just fine. I’m not a plant expert, but sounds normal to me.

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