Should I Adopt This Tank?

  1. Kenho21 Member Member

    A coworker of mine is giving a tank away and I just happen to be in the market for my first tank other than the 5 gallon I keep my betta in! Would you kind folks be willing to lend your pros/cons list to help me decide what I should do? Obviously, I'd be saving money in the short run by taking the tank, but I'm really interested to hear some more veteran opinions.

    Here's what I was planning on getting:
    •40 gal long
    •Homemade stand
    •Somewhat inexpensive lighting setup
    •stocking with all kinds of different smaller fish

    Here's what she's offering:
    •The tank pictured. Not sure of size, but she says it's 20.5" H x 25.5" W. I'm not sure she's accurate, but I think it's a 36 gallon???
    •Possibly, some miscellaneous useable equipment
    •The stand

    It's quite a bit different than a 40 gal long, but it's hard for me to turn down an offer since I'm somewhat limited on budget.

    Would this tank limit the type/quantity of fish I could stock opposed to a 40 L significantly?

    I live on the second floor of a standard quality apartment building. Would wight be an issue?

    Appreciate and tips or advice you guys can provide!

    And I should probably mention it was previously setup for saltwater.

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  2. toolman Well Known Member Member

    You said giving away, as in free. I'm currently over $400 into my latest project with no fish, temporary lighting, and going to order a pressurized co2 setup, by all means it's worth it. That being said this is my 3rd tank (not counting the one I will take down for this upgrade), and none of the others were new. But this will be a high tech planted tank. My point is this is a expensive hobby anytime give is mentioned it's a good deal.

  3. Kenho21 Member Member

    Haha! That's kind of my thought too, but yes, GIVING it away, as in FREE. Those are hard words to ignore...even when they're not in caps haha.
  4. jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    Surely not a veteran, but take it. If not and close by I will. LOL :;bananawater

  5. Kenho21 Member Member

    Would weight or stocking be an issue or drastically different though?

    Well, it's in Michigan. 1 in 50 odds of it being close enough if I don't take it I suppose lol.
  6. jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    I have a son near Flint, he's looking for a tank. Just take the tank.!!!! :)
  7. Kenho21 Member Member

    I shouldn't have opened my mouth lol! ;)

    Previous use for saltwater won't be an issue?

  8. davis Member Member

    The key word is free changing saltwater to fresh is no problem that tank is a little small for saltwater anyway in my view it will be a good start for better setup
  9. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Stocking options would be a little more restrictive than the 40 long, but still, you have a lot of options. I'd recommend taking the free tank for sure! Lucky!
    If you have room, you can always get another longer tank.
  10. Kenho21 Member Member

    Yeah, I'm not quite sure of the size. I guess I'll have to measure it myself. But I agree, it does seem like a good option.

  11. jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    If its a 35 gal your looking at approx. 400 lbs with water. Not sure about the saltwater, I'm thinking as long as you clean it good. I hear of members changing water type often.
  12. BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    I vote that you take the free tank, and still get the 40. If you can only have one tank, go with the 40. It's bigger, and much longer. Also with the 40, your options of fish opens up greatly. I can guarantee that if you decide to stick with the hobby, you will eventually you may as well get the bigger tank now.
  13. Kenho21 Member Member

    Also, is it harder to get god water flow in a taller tank?
  14. toolman Well Known Member Member

    No, just clean it up good. For used tanks I usually just use water and vinegar then rinse really well, but if your worried I have even used nothing but water and a new dish scrubbers.

    And as jmaldo said, I'm in IN... Not that far away. Lol
  15. Kenho21 Member Member

    So, looks like smaller than a 40 to you?
  16. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    I don't believe so. The main drawbacks of a taller tank are smaller footprint and less light penetration for live plants, but that tank is not really very tall.
  17. Kenho21 Member Member

    Everyone is trying to steal my tank! I thought I could trust the forum haha!;)

    Oh okay. I was planning on having a planted take too, but I can just stick with easier to care for stuff that doesn't require as much light or buy better lights since I'm saving money on the tank I suppose.
  18. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Ain't that the truth, in process of breaking down a 10g cause it was to small. And replacing it with a 40b, my new small tank. Lol (I have a 75 &55 already.)
  19. Kenho21 Member Member

    Thankfully, I'm in a 700 sq ft apartment, so I'm somewhat limited on space haha. Otherwise, yes, that would probably be happening. I doubt I would be able to fit much more than another 40 or 50 gal in here.
  20. BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    It's not that it is much smaller. Its the fact that it's so tall, and most fish, would rather have the length to swim, especially very active fish. The 40 will give you a much bigger footprint than the 36. Not to mention asthetically, the 40 looks better.