Should I Add More Midground Plants For My 20 Gallon?

  1. ap4lmtree Member Member

    Here is a picture of my tank in the back i have 6 large echinodorus beheri amazon swords and in front of them i added 3 echinodorus horizontalis.

    Do you think i should add more echinodorus horizontalis? If so, should i add 3 or 6 more echinodorus horizontalis. Should i add just to cover all the substrate?


  2. Ed204 Well Known Member Member

    I think you should be okay, more plants means that the other plants have to compete for nutrients.

    What are your planning/ currently housing by the way?

  3. ap4lmtree Member Member

    Hi. I have 10 kuhli loaches and 6 java loaches and a female betta and 11 Amano shrimp.

    I was wondering if I have enough plants for my kuhli loaches because they hide all day and it is disappointing like maybe I should have picked a different type of fish because I don't ever see them.