Should I Add A Pleco To My 20 Gallon Tank?


I currently have a 20 gallon tank with 1 Molly, 1 kohaku swordtail and 2 neon tetras. I've read mixed reviews on Pleco's and am not sure if I should add one or not. I do have some algea. Thoughts??


neon tetras are schooling fish and need a school of at least 5-6 in order to feel comfortable and happy, so I would highly recommend getting more neons, or rehoming them if you cant. I don't know as much about mollys and swordtails but ive heard people say that they can do fine on your own. What are the dimensions of your tank? Need to know that before figuring out if a pleco would be suitable for your tank size.

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I wouldnt add a pleco they don't usually help to much with algae anyways...
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What algae plecos domt eat everything and you will need to supplement their diet


If you do decide to get a pleco, I would recommend a bristle nose pleco. However, don’t rely on them to clean your tank as you will still need to do weekly water changes


I have a bristlenose pleco for my 29 gallon he is the perfect pleco in my opinion because they only get about 5 inches long while a common pleco can get over a foot long.


Plecos- even the small ones- have a massive bioload. If you were to add one you need to take that into account. I am thinking of adding a BN plec to my 40g, according to aqadvisor that one fis would account for 23% of the tanks capacity. So in your 20 gallon it would probably be closer to 40%, you would need good filtrate and light stocking.


I think 29 gallons is the minimum bristlenose tank size, mine is currently growing out in a 23, moving to a 32 after that. although I believe they are good algae eaters. Mine has cleared up at least four different algae types.

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