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Should A Tank Be Kept In Front Of A Window? Question

  1. devin s. Valued Member Member

    My 10 gallon tank is currently directly in front of a window (facing away from the sun) it does have a heater and maintains a steady temp of 77-80 F and around 25 C. I was wondering if I should move it or not. I live in the lower parts of the USA so it can be anywhere from 20 degrees F in the winter to 101 F in the summer. With the crazy temp changes here, should I move it?
  2. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    people generally try not to put their tanks directly infront of windows because you will get a draft coming through the window and can mess with the temp of the water, plus you will always get some sort of sunlight from windows even if it isnt a lot, and probably a few other reasons.
    personally i would move it somewhere else

  3. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Thank you. What do you mean by "drift coming fro the window"?
  4. Nick24 New Member Member

    I was always told no because it could cause the growth of algae. I try to keep my tanks in corners of my room so that they aren’t hit with direct sunlight.
  5. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    oops lol i meant draft. its just when air leaks from your window
  6. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Thanks :p
  7. Nick24 New Member Member

  8. Nick24 New Member Member

    In my opinion I don’t think the “draft from a window could cause any real problems. All my tanks are at the mercy of draft mainly because I live near the beach and wind always blows through my home and windows included
  9. dwarfpufferlover Well Known Member Member

    Tomorrow i will be taking down a window tank that has been doomed with algae. Honestly wouldn't recommend it unless you black the back of the tank out and add in dark curtains, this is exactly what i am doing this time. My windows are also 20 years old so the heater i use is 3x rated than what i need, temp fluctuates constantly, also have high ceilings so that doesnt help
  10. dwarfpufferlover Well Known Member Member

    -4 here today
  11. devin s. Valued Member Member

    The back of my tank isn't blacked out but it does have one of those backdrops that keeps out some sunlight.
  12. dwarfpufferlover Well Known Member Member

    that works just as well. Ever since i put dark curtains up I've had a lot easier time controlling my planted tanks, both near 6 windows : )