Short Strings Of White

  1. f

    fishlover25 Valued Member Member

    I have something growing on my glass and water sprite plants. I think it's algae. Can someone tell me if it is and what causes it? It seems like fuzz and it is white. Pictures attached. 6f1fd6bcea2397ec30422e5d02e57440.jpg bedf29ae9b1f7e67ab732e524ffabc1c.jpg
  2. Lana1049

    Lana1049 Valued Member Member

    That happens on my tank also, and it is just algae. It looks white through the glass, and you can either clean it off the glass with one of the many utensils from the fish store, or use a sponge (with no added scents or cleansers).
  3. OP

    fishlover25 Valued Member Member

    I've been cleaning with with a mag float but since it seems to grow on my water sprite, I was trying to find the cause of it so that I can stop it from growing.