Sherman has fin rot. I have questions.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Katesfish, Apr 15, 2012.

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    My study hall all teamed up a couple of months ago to buy a class fish. The eighth graders have taken responsibility for him. They feed him, and clean out his tank once a week. He is a red crowntail betta, and his name is Sherman.
    After about a month, they decided that Sherman needed a friend. Our study hall teacher (who is also the science teacher) told us that bettas can only be paired with fish that do not resemble them in any way, or they will fight. Some may fight anyway. So, the eighth graders opted to get a goldfish. (I do not want every reply to this to be about how you should not pair up a goldfish with a betta. It was not my idea, and he is not still there) What they didn't knoiw at the time (and would know soon) was that that goldfish had fin rot.
    He was only in the tank for 5 minutes. Sherman attacked him, so the eighth graders took him out. They gave him to the Spanish teacher, who named him Diablo (irrelevant). About a week later, Diablo died from what we soon learned to be fin rot.
    So, now we have Sherman. Sherman has fin rot. Of course, all of the others blame Diablo. I kinda do, too. But then again, I am only twelve. I don't even know iif fin rot is contagious. So, one question: Is it? My science teacher said that fin rot could also be caused from stress. Sherman's tank is rather small, and he spends seven hours of the day with eighty-six children staring at him. So, we really don't know what caused his fin rot. Anyone want to inform me?
    The kids in our study hall did not notice Sherman's symptoms for about a week. Then, it took them about two weeks to research and get the right kind of medicine for him. They have started giving him these drops, but we all agree that he has a pretty bad case, and will probably not make it.
    Also, the girls were thinking of getting a female, Macy, for Sherman to breed with. Our science told them that wasn't a good idea (I agree! If it's contagious, we are setting up Macy for death!) . So, they have decided that they will get her after Sherman dies. That made me think of another thing: Is it safe for Macy to swim in a tank that has had a fish in it who had fin rot? Obviously, they will change the water. But, is the tank safe? (If that was a stupid question, remember, I am twelve.) Thanks! Any feedback will be appreciated!
    Note: If someone posted a similar question, then I am sorry. Thanks!
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  2. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to FishLore! :)

    Fin rot is indeed contagious. As you already know, it is generally not advised to keep bettas with other fish, but it depends on the fish; some will tolerate a community set-up while others will not. It's technically possible that Sherman caught finrot from Diablo, especially if he fought with him, but since they were together for so short a time, I'm not sure that's the cause. When fish are in sub-par living conditions, the stress weakens their immune systems and leaves them more susceptible to infection/disease. So if he is in a tank that is too small (how large is it? I don't recall you mentioning that), that could cause problems. Changing the water once weekly is usually a good frequency, but again, if the tank is too small, it might not be frequent enough.

    Breeding bettas is a huge pain in the butt - the male and female can't stay together or the male will attack the female they're bred (to prevent her from eating the fry, I believe). It's rather violent and can tear them up a bit. Then you have to be able to house all the male babies separately, which probably isn't something that you guys want to be doing.

    I've never had a case of finrot, so I can't comment on how to properly sanitize the tank, but I'm sure someone else will come along. :)

    And don't be worried about sounding stupid! There are no dumb questions on FishLore, and if you hadn't mentioned that you're 12, I never would have guessed; you type very well.

    Best of luck with Sherman!
  3. KatesfishNew MemberMember

    Thank you for that! Just so you know, his tank IS very small: it's only a little more than a gallon. I know that is too small, but I didn't buy it. I just contributed $1.50 along with everyone else while the eighth graders did all the shopping.
    Thank you for your advice!
  4. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    I would suggest you do water changes much more frequently then, if that's possible. Daily would be best, because as you know, that is much too small for a betta. I think it may have been suggested in another of your threads, but you can get kits at WalMart for not too much money, and then weekly water changes would be fine. The bare minimum is usually said to be 2.5 gallons, but no betta enthusiast would put a betta in less than 5 gallons.

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