Shellie tank

  1. emmynk Well Known Member Member

    Sooooo after a bit of a rough start, I have the first 4 fish In my shell dweller tank.
    1x lelupi (had 2, the other one didn't make it, that's part of the rough start)
    2x j. Gombi
    1x Shellie my LFS got in an order of gombis, maybe a julidochromis transcriptus locality? No idea. Excited to see him/ her grow up.has horizontal striping, might just be a gombi starting to colour up.
    had the fish shop order some sunspot brevis, and some more lelupi. I'll see how they look and might snatch a few of those. Excited. Worried about aggression right now, researching possibilities for dither fish..

  2. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Very neat tank! Thanks for sharing!! Very interesting how these guys and gals live in old shells.
  3. emmynk Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! I love these guys. I've always wanted cichlids, but couldn't because of space, and now I can :) they like hiding behind the shells, but haven't gone in them yet! I think its because they're juveniles, and theyre not used to the tank.
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  5. emmynk Well Known Member Member

    itty bitty brichardi fry given to me by a friend. Don't know if they'll make it...
    One sunspot brevis (ikola) chillin by his favorite shell.
    another brevis ikola . Very pretty.
    a very pretty Julidochromis... was sold to me with the transcriptus gombis, but by the striping I was thinking regani? Maybe a marlieri? Not sure.[​IMG]
    a juvi leleupi.
  6. emmynk Well Known Member Member