Shell Dweller Cichlids

  1. Levinofish

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    My name is levino
    And I have a 110 liter aquarium and would like to have some multis in there. I've been looking for information, but I have a few more questions.
    1. how much can I put in my aquarium
    2. I would like if I could get some tank mates to. or is that not a good idea
    3 How do I know if the shelves are large enough?

    Tanks for your help
  2. KinsKicks

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    1) That is one of the greatest thing about shell-dwellers, they will actually breed to the size of their aquarium and then stop when they reach a certain population size "fitted" to the tank. So, for your size tank, I recommend getting 6 juveniles (minimum number to guarantee a male and subsequent females without running the risk of having too many males and dominance problems) and after they mature, they'll build up their own population.

    2) I wouldn't go for tank mates; you can't really have any bottom dwellers and because of how they breed, they're like little communities of themselves; if you get any tank mates, you're always in the risk of them eating the shelly fry or scaring your shellys into hiding constantly (even if they aren't being aggressive towards them)

    3) The largest (i.e. dominant) get up to 2 inches, fand subdominant males will be about 1.5-a sub-2inch size. Females are about .75-1.25in. Therefore, when buying shells, make sure the opening are at least 1-1.5in. Provide at least 2 shells per fish, and go for snail shaped ones, not conch shaped shells (may get stuck in the narrow openings) nor the bivalve shells (no protection/value to them); Escargot and whale's eyes shells are popular choices

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
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    Thanks it really helps