Sharing some pics!

  1. SmartStar Member Member

    Hello Everyone, I just like to share some pics of my fish family, I'm so glad all of you all around to help me when I need it!

    Here is one of my Prego Mickey Mouse Platy

    My fish tank

    And my pleco with a brave Platy fry beside him, isn't he/she cute?
  2. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello SmartStar!

    Beautiful fish and tank! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Best wishes for your fish.

  3. SmartStar Member Member

    Gracias Ken,
    Coming from you is such a compliment! I had my ups and down, but I am so glad Fishlore is around, you guys had been of so much HELP and to think that I just want to know how to distinguish a male from a female when you guys appeared. :;group
  4. Borisbbadd Guest

    Nice pictures !!!