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Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by Nicoldeme, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Nicoldeme

    NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    I'm really bored and have nothing to do, so help entertain me and everyone else by sharing your stories! :) :) Thx!
  2. BhuijValued MemberMember

    When I first moved into the apartment I'm in now, I upgraded from a 30 gallon to a 55 gallon and transferred my fish. The night before we moved all of our stuff in, I put the new 55gal aquarium on its stand in the new place and filled it about halfway running a line directly from the sink to the tank. I just left it there and figured I'd fill it the rest of the way the next day when we were ready to transfer my fish and decorations into it.

    The next morning we showed up with our first load of furniture/boxes and found the entire floor soaked and the aquarium almost empty. The hose had fallen off of the sink faucet onto the ground and siphoned upwards of 25 gallons onto the floor. The best part is we live on the third floor, so our downstairs neighbors had water leaking into their kitchen.

    I thought for sure we were screwed and would be kicked out before we even moved in. Luckily a quick call to the landlady and a chat with the downstairs tenants, and we were able to verify that there was no water damage. Everything is good now and the tank is doing great. But man. Sure felt like an idiot after that. I've since developed a hypersensitivity to situations that could result in unsupervised siphoning-related accidents, however...
  3. OP

    NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    Does no one else have stories? Nobody...?

  4. ashleyb

    ashleybValued MemberMember

    A few years ago I spent the better part of a week setting up a small 29 gallon tank to cycle. I had a large lava rock in one hand and a jade stone in the other when my (then) two year old son came up behind me and hit me as hard as he could on the back of my thighs with a Star Wars light saber. Needless to say I spun around to yell at him and FLUNG the lava rock at the tank.. Shattered it.

    All I could do was laugh, because the only other option was to cry and drink wine all night. Lol

  5. OP

    NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    Lol, at least you didn't accidentally hit your son :;laughing
  6. maggie thecat

    maggie thecatWell Known MemberMember

    This happened today:

    Last night I got my new 40 breeder. In a fit of enthusiasm, I tore down my 20L, set up the new tank, and shifted the fish, leaving the grungy clean up for today.

    This afternoon, I get to it. There's still a couple of gallons of mucky water in the old tank, so I start emptying the water with a cup, because I know there's a few shrimp in there.

    I see a fry! I don't know what kind, because it's microscopic, but it's definitely not a shrimplet, so I catch it and put it in my nursery tank, currently home to at least two panda cory (also microscopic. )

    But if there is one fish, I think to myself, might there not be more?

    So I painstakingly empty the rest of this gross, mulm filled water.

    To find that was, in fact, the only one.
  7. BlackNotebookTanks

    BlackNotebookTanksWell Known MemberMember

    I have a story... oh boy.
    This happened the night I got my first proper fishtanks - a 12L nano.

    I came home and unpacked everything for the fish tank. I followed a video online that said you need soil underneath the sand and you also gotta wash sand before you put into the tank so I got soil, sterilised it (in the oven) and put it into the tank. Next I cleaned the sand and tried to put it into the tank but it was all wet and wouldn't come out of the bottle I tried to half way clean it in. So I then used dry unwashed sand over the soil and started to fill it up with water. I messed up filling it, and poured in water too fast so the soil and sand went everywhere in this awful brown mixture. I let it settle and then added more sand on top to fix it. It didn't work. After using about 3kg of sand and a lot of water changing to try clear it up, I decided this ain't going to work. So I went into the bathroom and thought that it would be able to go down the sink. Yeah. So I upturned the tank and GUESS WHAT? The sink blocked the heck up. Panicking, I spent the next hour scooping mud and sand out of the sink and trying to unblock it using my hands as a plunger - mainly because I could not find said plunger. It was everywhere and I filled up two basins with mud and sand and water. I was really panicking and decided that I'd siphon out the sand myself (ew) So I got several straws and tried my best to suck the sand and mud out of the drain myself. (Brilliant idea, I know.) After an hour of this mixed with repeated gagging and spitting I gave up and crying, went down stairs and told my parents. Long story short I had to have a crash course in plumbing with dad to fix the sink because of my remarkable twatery. So yeah. Don't put sand down the sink. EVER.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  8. OP

    NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    Oh my BlackNotebookTanks, that must have been quite the conversation with your parents! To be honest though, that's probably something I would do too! It's a lesson for all of us though!
  9. mg13

    mg13Well Known MemberMember

    oh wow, that's amazing, I am laughing out loud, please excuse me. XD
  10. ServingAces15

    ServingAces15New MemberMember

    Literally less than 20 minutes ago while I was feeding my betta (Kapalua, Kap for short) he jumped up to grab the pellet from my fingers before I could even drop it in the tank, jumps out through the feeding hole, and landed on my desk. I quickly/gently scooped him up and put him back in the tank. Now you would think he would be a little bit shocked or stunned, but no. The little turd turns around and swims right back up to the feeding hole to wait for another pellet. I had a heart attack, but apparently he didn't care that he would have died had I not have been there and all he wanted was his food.
  11. mg13

    mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Ha! complete and total trust, his thoughts "why would you NOT be there?"
  12. Ben9375New MemberMember

    I have four stories, all involving the same 44g pentagon, which I bought used in 2007.

    1. 2009. The wife and I had gone out on a friday night and got home around 10:30 pm. I went to turn the light off on the tank and notice the water is a down some. Look around, yep, leaking from a seam. Don't have a spare tank, but my mom has an empty 20g at her house and they're away camping. Go up there, grab the tank and hood, come home, set it up. Take the heater, filter and some gravel and put in the 20g. Drain the water down, start catching fish. Get all the fish caught except for one swordtail who successfully evades me for almost half an hour. Finally got him caught and transferred around 1 am. Fixed the tank the next day and moved everything back the next week.

    2. 2014. We moved two hours north to where we currently live. Move the tank into the hew house and set it up to let the water cycle before moving the fish from my mom's house, where they are housed in the previously mentioned 20g. Go to check the tank after the first night it's been running, the carpet is all wet around it. Drain it out. Go buy a tube a sealant. Come home and take a close look at it, no seams seem to be broken. Look at the filter. yeah, huge split in the middle of it, looks like something heavy had been set on the box all the aquarium equipment was in. Go buy a new filter and set up for cycling again. Note on this one, all the fish that were at my mom's survived a two hour trip in a 5 gallon plastic bucket.

    3. 2015. Go to do a water change on a sunday morning. Put my hand in the water, gee, this feels pretty cold, more than normal. Find the thermometer, which has floated away and is stuck behind the filter intake, yeah, the water is at 62. Heater crapped out at some point in the last week. No wonder the fish seem lethargic. Go buy a new heater and toss an ich guard tablet in for good measure.

    4. 2016. Two weeks ago, my wife calls me at work, "The fish tank is leaking, you need to come home and deal with it". Go home, sure enough, leaking on the opposite seam of the prior leak. This time, transfer the six fish to the 20g which is already set up and has fish in it and go buy a brand new 75g and all new equipment.

    So now the cursed 44g pentagon is sitting in my garage. Not sure if I should fix it and sell it, not fix it and sell it, fix it and set it up somewhere else in the house or just throw it out.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016
  13. mg13

    mg13Well Known MemberMember


    By the way, WELCOME TO FISHLORE!

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