Shaking Moss Barb


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HI all,
This is my first post here. Whenever I google fish related stuff, this forum always comes up with good info siI thought I may as well join!

Anyway, in one of our 240 litre tanks we have 5 T barbs (still small), 6 moss tiger barbs, 6 tiger barbs, 3 gold tigers, 7 small KuhlI loaches and 2 cory Dora's.

All has been great with no issues or losses for a few months now (we lost a couple at the start.). It's a peaceful tank for barbs and there is a clear hierarchy with the T barbs being the parent figures.

Totally off track but I don't have any friends into fish lol.

So, yesterday one of our green tiger barbs started twitching but still moving around normally and feeding frantically like they do. It's developed into full body shakes now and he is hanging out in the corner a little more, still coming out for feeds and other times.

We have seen this in the past, both fish survived the shakes but one died later of something else.

I'm actually in hospital with my daughter right now (it's midnight) but I went home and decided to quarantine him and add a small dose of a very broad spectrum antI biotic I was sold (very nervous doing this.). My husband is keeping an eye on him and will return him to the tank if needed.

Anyone know what this is? Some day just gas? He was turning himself upside down more than normal for a couple of days but had had no problem swimming or moving around the tank and is not bloated.

Sorry this is so long for a simple question! First post lol


My post is probably too long to bother reading lol.

Question : I have a shaking moss barb who is acting normally in most other ways. Some say this is just gas? I've quarantined him with a broad spectrum antI biotic just to be safe. The tank has been running beautifully for quite awhile now and I don't want something spreading. I do feel bad for him being removed and in his own. Is the stress of that worth it ?


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Sorry your daughter is in the hospital. I have no experience with these fish or with symptoms like you describe, but welcome to Fishlore!

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