Shaking Dwarf Neon Rainbow


Hi all, I have a problem in my tank am need a bit of advice.
The other day a lost a dwarf neon rainbow, he seemed to lose all appetite and lost his colour, I did a quick water change but come the morning he was dead.
Now I notice another one is shaking violently as if having an electrical shock.
The shaking is sporadic his colours are fine and he eats really well.
I am worried I may have a parasite?
See the attached which shows a blemish on his right flank but it is so small it may just have been damage from a boisterous feeding frenzy.
The shaking seems new today, but it doesn’t look good.
He doesn’t seem to rub against anything just violently shake befor righting himself and swimming off
Does anyone have any ideas?
Water parameter are
Gh 180
Kh 180
Ph 7
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20 max.
Full planted tank diet of algae wafers, flake and tubifex.
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