Sexing Young Platys

  1. Nicoldeme Member Member

    So in my ten gallon, I've got thirteen platy fry. Four are 5 months old, five are 4, four are 3. Two of the five months (I named them Raichu and Titan) have tiny gravid spots and so does one of the four months (Dotty). None of the fish of any age have gonopodiums, so are they all female? One of the five month olds (Kus) is smaller and has a more colourful dorsal. Does this mean he's male, but he just hasn't developed a gonopodium yet? At what age can you properly sex them? ??? I'm so confused :(
  2. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    For my platies, the gonopodium on little Clyde was noticeable to me at about 5 months old. I kinda just waited to see if it'd show up. I would add a picture of him if I knew how. I don't know if it helps at all, but I couldn't tell until 5 months. Females have a more triangle anal fin as well, but you probably knew that already lol
  3. Nicoldeme Member Member

    I separated those I think are female, is this good? Should I just let them back into the main tank?
  4. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Well whats your goal? I don't really breed platies or anything, not yet at least, just had the fortune to have one last up to be too big to get eaten. I did a lot of research though! Well at least if that helps haha! You wouldnt happen to know how to upload a picture off a phone? Then i could show u a 7 month male
  5. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Do you have the app? If so just hit the plus sign or the camera/mountain. I believe most show up at around 3months.
  6. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Thanks for the advice!! I think i figured it out, found the app haha. Your advice is probably more accurate than mine, thanks for helping me out![​IMG] his gonopodium is really obvious now, but like i said, he was born in december.
  7. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm glad I was of some help.:) You may have had a late bloomer that's why it took longer. Beautiful platy, I love platies. Only problem is that they are rabbits...
  8. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    I have a dojo loach who usually takes care of it, a little morbid but it does work... Hes the only survivor of about 10 spawns
  9. Nicoldeme Member Member

    My fry are all at least 3 months old, does that mean they're all female? How quickly does a gonopodium form? How quickly do I have to separate them to avoid breeding? I really don't want my fish to become pregnant, especially since they're already inbreds :I Also, I'm pretty sure getting rid of them will be harder if they're pregnant.
  10. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Are you able to add a few pictures? Take a look at the anal fins, the top is male and the bottom is female.
    I couldn't tell you off of the top of my head, but i believe they can breed within just a few months, one source i just looked up said 3 (dont quote me!!) pretty tough to stop it from happening though, unless you only keep one gender. It also stated that females are usually a bit larger than males the same age, but i couldnt compare to my own fish yet, i only have a male...
  11. Nicoldeme Member Member

    No sorry, can't put up pictures (Darn parents >:I) but I can tell you all of my fry have triangular fins. I've taken them out one by one and inspected them. Is it possible I have all females? I'm fine if I do (That means I can keep them all :) ) but it just seems so unlikely. If I can't see gonopodiums on the males, won't that mean they can't breed yet? Is it possible I just have really late bloomers?
  12. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    If you were asking me id say that you must have ended up with females, and if you do end up with some males, then you can probably bring them to your LPS, they would likely take them off your hands. How big is the tank though?
  13. Nicoldeme Member Member

    My LPS is a Petco, of which all the fish are sick with something. I originally bought my fish from there, and they came home with velvet, anchorworms, and camellanus worms, but I was only able to diagnose that recently. I plan on giving away any males to people with healthy tanks, but if there's too many females, I'll have to get rid of some of them too :(
  14. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Ah thats too bad. Its a good thing you were able to fix them up tough!! I guess i just got lucky with a big al's 20 minutes from my house, but you might be able to find buyers/takers right here on the forum
  15. Nicoldeme Member Member

    Dang you are lucky, and as for giving fish away here, I'd love to as it's almost guaranteed they'll go to good homes :) I'm only 13 though, so everything has to be done with parents permission :( See what I can do though. Thx for all the help!!!
  16. MuskieCatcher Member Member

    Ah yes, the life of a young fishkeeper can be rough! Trying to keep fish on a students budget is a problem i can definitely relate to, just about to head off to university and i have no idea what to do with my larger tanks!
  17. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    The age at which they are sexable can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as water quality, temperature, space, and diet, off the top of my head.

    Most people think livebearers are female until they turn male, but this is not true. As you have noticed, females will develop a gravid spot, even while they are still virgins. I do not consider a livebearer sexable until it shows either a gonopodium or a gravid spot.

    I think it could take a while longer, just be patient.
  18. Nicoldeme Member Member

    Oh gosh MuskieCatcher, its even rougher when your parents believe the exact opposite of the truth to fishkeeping >_<
    Also, Thx ChromeDome52. Should I separate the little girls then? I have a 2.5 that's pretty much empty and its cycled, so I can keep them in there until I have a place for them. May be able to convince parents to let me give them away on here... Gosh, now I have to learn how to ship fish D: This is gonna be fun...