Sexing very young Girardinus Metallicus fry

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    I spotted one fry on June 21 but then could no longer see it after a couple of days. I figured it got munched and forgot about it. Then on the 28th, I saw several, one of which was clearly a male. I do not know how old these fry are or if they belong with the first one that I saw. I have had three lights in a row burn out on that tank, so it's rather dark, and with all the hullabaloo of the last few weeks, these guys have really not been getting enough of my attention. Still I do not think that they are more than two weeks old. I cannot believe the size of the gonopodium on this little guy. I'm going to have to figure out where to put the others as they are clearly girls, and I do not need more pregnant mothers in this tank!

    Here are some terrible pictures for your consideration :p


  2. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Wowser, I do believe endlers breed more than any other live birth fish that I have had-platys, mollys, you name it they out do them.
    And his is rather large if that is what I am seeing in the picture!
    I planned on selling mine but so far, I have been feeding them to my cichlids. I know nothing about shipping and such.
    Are you selling these that you are producing?
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    This guy is not an Endler ;) He is a Girardinus Metallicus, which are hard to find in the United States due to the Embargo against Cuba. I got some at our university laboratory before the rest were euthanized due to lack of space after that particular research was finished.

    Girardinus Metallicus have a similar gestation period to Endler's, but some sources say they can have up to 100 fry in one drop. So far, they have proven to be much more cannibalistic, which is good as I have 4 pregnant girls. I also have a male swordtail to help keep the population down. They can live for several years longer then an Endler, which also gives them an edge in the reproduction contest :p

    I'm keeping them in an extended quarantine for several generations to make sure no one is sick before I sell any. None have had any symptoms at the lab or at my house, but I want to be absolutely sure.

    I'm not planning on selling my Endler's until I am sure that I get any mycobacteria issues under control. I'm experimenting with level one UV sterilizers to see if they will work in the way that they did for Diana Walstad.

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  4. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    That is awesome. I know endlers just don't last that long! Great find then and good luck-can't wait till you have a few to sell-I wouldn't mind another 20g tank! :)
  5. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    I'll let you know when I have some Girardinus metallicus available. They will not hybridize with Poecilia or platies and swordtails, and they make good fry eaters if you just want the males. My only caveat is that they must be kept with at least three or four females apiece as they are very aggressive in their courtship.

    I thought mine were boring at first in comparison to the Endler's, but after they got used to the tank, they turned out to have lots of personality, and now I really like them.

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  6. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Holy moly, ec! That boy's daddy must be so proud... LOL