Sexing Rams

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    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    Hi everyone! As some of you know I took over my friend's 20 gallon long tank a few days ago. In it he had an EB Ram(not sure of sex, he said it was a male) and a spotted ctenopoma. The ctenopoma is in a 40 now, but I'm keeping the Ram. I have it in my QT now(just so I can watch in case it got stressed from the move) with a Gold Ram I bought today. I originally wanted them to be of the same gender, but i don't care as much now. The EB Ram took over the planted half of the tank, so it is now "his turf". When I put in the Gold ram the eB Ram immediately swam over to its side. It's been following the Gold one ever since basically. Also: whenever the Gold Ram strays out of the EB's territory, it comes and herds the gold back in by swimming close to it. It sounds like they are going to pair, but I'm not sure. The pics of them are in my album on my profile called "My Rams". Let me know what you think their sexes are!
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    In the first photo in the album the blue ram does appear male. The gold one I can't really see well enough to say, but if they are swimming togethr instead of chasing eachother off, then its a good chance its a female.
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    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    I added more pictures of the Gold Ram. Hope that helps.