Sexing Platys

Discussion in 'Platy' started by Zaid909, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Zaid909

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    i want to know if any of these are males the guy at the store said the Mickey Mouse one was a male but I’m not sure

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  2. CheshireKat

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    I can't really tell for sure in these photos, especially since males can clamp their gonopodiums along their bodies. Maybe an expert can tell.
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    These two are still fan shaped when it comes to their analfin (which gives the impression that they are female). But a close up of the blue mickey mouse platy from the side against a darker background will show more instead of the white background with translucent fins. The other platy has got more white on the first finrays of the analfin. From this distance it hard to see wether these first finrays are actually white or if they are thickened. If they're tickened, it may suggest that this analfin may transform into a gonopodium.
    Initial male specimens of the Xiphophorus genus "can" show the male characteristics pretty late.

    So, from my side I won't say wether they're actual female or male at this point eventhough the first impression was female. But again, pay attention to what I've wrote above.
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    Thanks all I don’t have many good pictures of them. Idk whether these will help

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