Sexing My Sailfin Pleco Question

  1. Zerologist

    Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    Last month, I got a juvenile Sailfin Pleco which I asked to identify on this thread: Question - What Pleco Is This?

    I named it 'Spots' as it has spots obviously xD. It has grown quite a lot since I got it (now 4.5 inches in length) and became less shy than before. I can now take a lot of photos of it than before :)

    Now, I'm just curious about its gender... I'll be providing pictures below for you to identify.

    Also, how do you identify if a pleco is a male or a female?

    (Sorry for the quite blurry photos xD)


    Thanks a lot! :)
  2. FishRockFrogBit21

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  3. OP

    Zerologist Well Known Member Member

    Thanks buddy! I guess it has to be quite mature to identify it.