Sexing Kenyi


Finally adding fish to a new mbuna setup, and picked up 5 young Kenyis this afternoon. They're roughly 1.5-2" long, and I got all blue's (if none end up being male I'll pick up one this weekend, they had a few) but I'm not sure how big they are by the time the males will change to the yellow coloration? Or if there are any indicators that a male is masquerading as a female?

The setup is 2 40 gallon breeders connected by a 6" diameter water bridge run by a Fluval 406 and a Cascade 700 (one on each tank). Plenty of caves and vision breaks. They'll get upgraded to a 125 eventually.
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Males don't usually color up before 3.5-4 inches in length, though it's possible if the fish are slightly stunted.

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