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Sexing Honey Gourami Question

Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by Drakon, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Drakon Valued Member Member


    Can anyone tell what gender my honey gourami is? I know it’s a baby which makes it more difficult to tell. (Btw I’m going to get 2 more and know I can only have one male)

  2. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    Looks male to me.

  3. Drakon Valued Member Member

    That’s what I was thinking too. I’m definitely going to try to get 2 females soon, if I accidentally ended up with a male would they be able to coexist or would I have to return the second male? (Just trying to come up with a back up plan as I’m not always confident in sexing and lord knows most petco employees are hopeless)
  4. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    I would buy from a lfs (if you have one). If not and petco is your only choice try to pick ones with round dorsal fins.
  5. Drakon Valued Member Member

    Yeah, petco and petsmart are the only ones within a 30 minute drive from me :/ I’ll definitely do my best! I’ve read that honey gouramis are generally more peaceful, but it’s still not a good idea to keep two males correct?
  6. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    2 males might fight but I think you could keep 3 males. Just not 2 males and a female. What tank size will they be in?
  7. Drakon Valued Member Member

    29 gallons. I have 6 big silk plants, 2 small silk plants, one big hide, one fake wood arch, and some small fake hollow logs. The tank is completely cycled and has 7 black skirt tetras and 3 bronze cories ( I’m getting at leas 3 more as soon as my store gets them in)
  8. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    Sounds good. Good luck with your honey gouramis.