Sexing German Blue Rams


Here, you can see the color difference in the male and female. Female has pink on the belly.


Again, note the belly


Unfortunately, this pair of rams were my only fish from a reputable source that passed away. I'm not sure of the cause, as everyone else is thriving, and conditions remained stable. However, I do not believe I have a good photo of the male's fins vs. the female's. I will check, though.


Some things I have found out about IDing the gender of males vs. females are;
1) the females have a more of a rounded tail and the male has a 'V' shape with 'sharp' corners on them
2) the males have a elongated 2nd ray in the dorsal fin
3) the males dorasl and analfins at the back are more pointed then the females
4) the females have more red on their belly compared to the males
5) the obvious, the females are thicker/rounder when mature and able to mate
I hope these also help with your sexing of them. If you have any pics that show the differences, I am letting you post them here.

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