Sexing Bolivian Rams Help

  1. s

    sam mcworthington New Member Member

    need help with the sexing of this Bolivian Ram - i have only recently got them so it may be the case that they are too young to be determined just yet


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  2. Pictusboss

    Pictusboss Valued Member Member

    They are a bit too young. You can tell when they get a big black dot in the middle of their body. If there are blue speckles inside of the black dot, its a male. If no blue speckles are inside the black dot, it is a female.
  3. Tony M

    Tony M Valued Member Member

    Its hard to see normally and I can’t see it all in your pics. It has to do with the vents near the anal fin. The male’s is smaller and points straight back, while the female’s is squared off and points downward.
  4. Tony M

    Tony M Valued Member Member

    Pictusboss’s method sounds easier than mine. I got the vent explanation from a utube video.