Sexing Bolivian Rams

We have a guide established for sexing german blue rams, but nothing for bolivians yet. So here goes!

One of the most sure-fire ways to sex bolivian rams is to examine the ventrical differences. In the picture below, we have a male in the top frame and a female in the bottom frame. Note that the male's breeding tube is smaller and more pointed, while the female's is rounded and a bit larger, since it's designed to pass eggs. You can also see that the male's body tapers downwards from the breeding tube to the analfin, while the female's body tapers upwards slightly from the ovipositor to the analfin.

Another common (though not 100% reliable) method of determining sex is by the dorsal fin. Note in the picture of the female above, there is a gradual slope to the rays of the fins, with only a very slight elongation of the third ray. Many males, on the other hand, have a much more elongated third/fourth dorsal ray, as seen here:

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