Sexing BN

  1. brhebert Member Member

    So my albino BN is about 2in now and just has short bristles coming in. Is it still too early to sex? I'm thinking it's a female based off what I've read [​IMG]
  2. fishlee Member Member

    Are there any bristles on its "snout"? hard to tell with the lighting
  3. brhebert Member Member

    Yeah and around it's lips
  4. fishlee Member Member

    If it has some on its head aswell as around the mouth id have to say male
  5. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    I'd agree. The females can have bristles around the nose / snout but not on top. Also the bristles will be smaller. The males will have britles on top of the snout; also have spines on the leading edge of the pectoral fins and on the bottom of the caudal fin. When they get annoyed they display their interopercular spines. Those of the male are much bigger than the female's. (It looks like a flap of skin on each side of the head in front of the pectoral fins - sticks out and displays the spines. Very impressive!)