Sexing angelfish


Hey guys I have two angelfish and one of them seems to be laying eggs but the eggs are not being fertilized. I'm wondering if I have two female angelfish as I read they will bond if there are no males.


They both look like males because of their rounded bodies and humps. Females are more angular and from the tip of their dorsal fin to their snout there is no hump. Angelfish gender is very easy to determine once you know this method of sexing them.


Neither of those fish has an actual hump on the head, not that it really matters. OP already said one of them has been laying eggs. Unfortunately, head and body shape are some of the least dependable characteristics for sexing Angels. In general, it is difficult to sex them until they drop breeding tubes.

I look at about 6-8 characteristics on an angel to guess at the sex. Even though I generally am pretty accurate, there are always individual fish that break the mold, and despite looking one way, are actually the opposite. Based on my usual expectations, those both look like females, but I wouldn't guarantee that.
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