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    I currently have 4 angelfish and am Looking for help on sexing them as there has been some bickering. 2 angels I think have paired off the silver with black stripes and the brown with a little marble. I also have a pure white and black velvet that the other 2 constantly peck at. Your help is much appreciated thank you
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    From what I've heard there is no sure-fire way of sexing angels until they are breeding... A more experienced member could tell you more I'm new to angels... I can say though that you have really nice looking fish.
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    As Fox said, it is impossible to know the sex of an angelfish without actually seeing it breed. But there are certain indicators that prove to be useful. I'd guess (in order of pictures from left to right) you have a (1) female, (2) male, (3) male, and (4) female.

    Here's a good thread to read: How to sex Angelfish
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    Rogue, you are good! I have trouble with juvie angels.
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    ;D After 10 years of keeping angels you'd think I could do more than guess haha.
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    Are these male angelfish? My other 2 are not yet showing a breeding tube

    I have 4 angelfish and i need to treat the other 2 for fin rot so I have just these 2 in the tank. The stripped one seems to Peck at the other a lot

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    TerraC, the thee pictures look female. A full profile picture of the fish will help.
  9. TerraCNew MemberMember

    They are at the top of the page. You had given me a guess so I thought maybe if I had a breeding tube showing we could make a better guess. Thank you for your opinions I really appreciate them
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    Ah.. I see now lol. Oops!

    Breeding tubes usually only come out right before, during, and right after breeding. So unless you fish are laying eggs I doubt those are breeding tubes.
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    Yes that's what I thought. So those tube things are still there? This is the weird think I had the stripped angel and the marble for about a week alone. I upgraded to a 55 and added 2 more angels a black one and a white one. Within 3 hrs those tubes started showing and the original 2 angels started pecking and chasing the other 2. The marble one has stopped eating pretty much and is gaining weight that's why I am asking a rough identity cause i read the organs will come out only when a female is gravid. Maybe she is eggbound? Is it a she? It's the only 1 that doesn't have a thin tube sticking out

    What else could those be?
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  12. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    These are my Angels. The gold is the male and the smokey is female. You can see their breeding tubes. Is this what yours have?
  13. TerraCNew MemberMember

    Yesssss that's it
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    Sounds like 2 of your Angels paired up. They may lay eggs on a flat surface in your tank. They will be protective, it is normal for them to chase other fish away.
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    Ok would the stripped one in pics above be the male or female? Lol
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    Looks female to me. If you look at my Angels. The gold one, my male, has like a little pin sticking out. Where as the female is rounder. Females have larger breeding tubes so they can pass eggs through. Males don't have to pass eggs through so theirs is much more slender.
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    My guess would be female.
  18. TerraCNew MemberMember

    Ok thank you! I am 100% sure my little black one is male. The 3rd picture is of my white ones breeding tube must be a female? Maybe this is why the stripped one and her peck?
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    i have in my experience which which hasnt been very long two of my my angelfish paired off and layed eggs once and ive noticed that the males head has a "larger" hear or kind of with a hump and his body (going from mouth to long fin pointing down, what ever it is called) goes kind of angeled down then a horizontal line all the way to his big bottom fin. where as my female has more of a shape like this "<" the pointy part being the mouth. hopefully you can picture what i was describing i did kinda make that i little more complecated than it is but only way i knew to describe it